Ginuwine — Holler from the album The Bachelor

WIDR’s DJ of the Month

August 4th, 2017

Lucid Dreams-

A mix of dream pop, bedroom pop, and alternative R&B

“My goal is for every show to be the perfect soundtrack to a day spent lying in bed daydreaming about your unrequited crush.”

Friday mornings 10am to noon!

We sat down with DJ Blue Velvet and asked about her experiences here at WIDR FM.


     How long have you been DJing at WIDR? 

I’ve been DJing at WIDR since March of this year.


     What is your most memorable moment at WIDR? 

My most memorable moment at WIDR was probably my final training session as a DJ, in which I shadowed DJ Peach Pit on her show (which you can catch on Thursdays from 1-3 pm!). The first time she let me pick some songs and get on the mic to speak was such a thrill, and it made me so excited and inspired for my very own show. Plus we got a call in request for the song “Chinese New Year” by Sales, which I heard for the first time that day, and I totally fell in love with the track–that song and the album it appears on have become a staple on my show.


Who would be your dream guest to have on your show? 

I would love to have Steph Knipe from Adult Mom on my show. I’ve been a huge fan of their music for a few years now; I would love to ask them deeply intimate questions about their creative process and then maybe we could cry about our exes together on air. Steph, if you’re reading this, call me on the studio line on Friday morning!


 What does WIDR and Radio Evolution mean to you? 

To me, WIDR represents independence and community simultaneously. I love having the freedom to choose the music for my show and to give my opinions on new releases, yet also having a team to lean on and learn from. I love being in the know about local concerts and opportunities because of WIDR, and being able to keep the Kalamazoo community informed about those things, too, by talking about them on air. It’s a simple concept, but it’s very meaningful to me, and I like to think it’s meaningful to the greater community as well.


WIDR’s July Favorites Playlist

August 3rd, 2017

This month brought WIDR’S rotation rack some poppy guitar and sweet layered vocals. Our WIDR staff picked some of their favorites for a July playlist that would fit any hot afternoon or beach day.

   1. “Don’t Take the Money” , by Bleachers off the album Gone Now

This song comes first on the album giving off some fun summer pop vibes. With the lyrics that make you want to shout them out loud, it’s a song that most people at WIDR can’t stop playing. A full album review is available on WIDRS blog by DJ Annie.


2.  “Feel It Still” , by Portugal. The Man off the album Woodstock

This super feel good song, comes in with simple fun lyrics and a blaring trumpets. It’s jam that makes


3.   “Hard to Say Goodbye” , by Washed Out off the album Mister Mellow

Fading into a slower but still upbeat synth-wave song with some great samples, this song feels cool. It feels like taking a dip into the water after sunbathing, it’s refreshing and new. And in true Washed Out style you don’t really know what they are saying but it all sounds so pretty.


4.  “In Undertow”, by Alvvays the single from the album AntiSocialites coming out soon

Ridding off of the synth we have a Alvvays new single. Everyone at the WIDR office is waiting for Alvvays sophomore album, so this single has been on constant replay. Alvvays style reigns melodic with sweet vocals and a surf rock electric guitar. It’s a song that will hold nostalgia for July when the summer fades.


5. “My Lover Cindy” , by Marika Hackman off the album I’m not your man

The simple guitar riffs and sweet low vocals of this song feels so relaxing it’s like stepping into warm sand.  The song is littered with great pops of color in its lyrics, harmonies, and instruments.


6. “Different Nowt” , by Chasity Belt off the album I used to Spend So Much Time Alone

Echoing off the simple indie guitar in “My Lover Cindy” comes this amazing little guitar tune by the Chastity Belt’s. They prove once again they know how to use their guitars with addicting chords and melodies. It fits in our summer playlist with it’s easy summer feel perfectly.


7. “Heartbreak Summer (feat. K.Flay) ” , by RAC off the album EGO

Our finale song on our playlist lyrics are perfect for anyone who is over summer, and is also perfect for anyone looking for some more surfer rock melodic summer jams. It’s a perfect song to end the day at the beach with a feel good chorus and raspy vocals. It’s like getting an ice cream or slush after a long day in the sun.



Music at the Library EP. 6 : Sophia Avocado

August 2nd, 2017

Check out the latest addition to our Music at the Library series:

Sophia Avocado – Hush, Wish Upon a Star, Mary Had a Little Lamb


WIDR’s Mo Pop Playlist

July 26th, 2017

We’re so excited for Mo Pop this weekend… we decided to make a Mo Pop inspired playlist full of bands we can’t wait to see!!!


Beach Fossils dig up chill Indie hits for Summer!

July 21st, 2017


By Jeff Simmonds(DJ Simon Jefferson), Music Director

Beach Fossils starts their album with a jingle jangle of a song with This Year. The next two songs Tangerine and Saint Ivy stay with this similar sound. Acoustic guitar, strings, light non obtrusive drums fill the mix, with the ethereal vocals playing the overarching glue to the sound.

The bass guitar line that fills space in the 4th track May 1st! With percussive shakers, this song moves along as if it belongs in Morning Phase from Beck. The non lyrical chorus ahh feel right in place throughout the song, while also giving us more guitar sounds then previous. May 1st transitions perfectly into Rise. A slow spoken word jazzy mid album slow down. This is one of my favorite moments within the album. A serious separation from previous motifs.

Sugar is 6th on the album, and we start to explore more psychedelic, modern indie. Background drumset part feels great, and you can really hear a lot of different bands within this sound, while also sounding unique to this group. Closer Everywhere gives us a harpsichord to start, and if that doesn’t follow the Beatlesness of this group, I don’t know what does! Other than surprise use of a older instruments, this song has some gold hidden inside. Social Jetlag is our next sound, and it feels much like previous songs on the album. The keys give this sound a wonderful lightness. The horns too are quite something. Down The Line is next, and is one of the most uptempo songs to be heard. Be Nothing is second to last, and it is the longest song on the album. With the drawn out chorus, and simplistic lyrics make this all work. Closing this album is the aptly named That’s All for Now the closer gives us much of what we’ve come use to from the album, but throwing a couple songwriting flairs within this upbeat, fun, indie closer! I loved my first experience with this group, and look forward to more.


YBOT & WIDR present Music at the Library EP 5

July 20th, 2017

DJ Contra Asset’s Playlist of the Month

July 20th, 2017

A Big Thank You to Pedal Bicycles for Their Continued Support of Radio Evolution!

July 13th, 2017

DJ Mony’s Pitchfork Playlist

July 13th, 2017

This year WIDR is proud be working press for Pitchfork 2017. We will be up close and personal with bands and guests. If you are going to be at the festival try and find us and say hello!

Here is a little playlist of bands play Pitchfork from the WIDR Directors to you. Please Enjoy!!!

LCD Soundsystem “American Dream” –

Dirty Projectors “Little Bubble” –

Frankie Cosmos “Too Dark” –

Vince Staples “Norf Norf” –

Priests “JJ” –

Angel Olsen “Forgiven/Forgotten” –

Mitski “Happy” –

Vagabon “The Embers” –

S U R V I V E “Copter” –

A Tribe Called Quest “Dis Generation” –

George Clinton & The Funkadelic “Bring The Funk” –

Nicolas Jaar “Mi Mujer”-

The Avalanches “Because I’m Me” –

Pinegrove “Old Friends” –

NE-HI “Turncoat” –

Colin Stetson “Spindrift” –

Solange “Cranes in the Sky” –

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Bleachers saved the best songs for themselves

July 12th, 2017

Written by: Annie Kustasz, General Manger


He’s written for pop musicians like Taylor Swift, Lorde and Sia. But expanded outside of the top 40 world to work with Grimes, Troye Sivan, and St. Lucia. His 80’s inspired slow building synth beat’s all leave hints in his other works, and their lyrics have a poetic quality that captures a feeling rather than a scene. Lorde credited him with giving her the best song writing advice ever by saying “Happiness is a for tourist write you little f*****”. So it’s no surprise that Jack Antonoff album number two captures that eighties pop bliss without it being overdone and lyrics sits in the perfect of spot of crazy and sane.

I feel like everyone does an 80’s inspired pop ballad today. It can be easily overdone but Bleachers doesn’t take that route. This album is such a pop album, which isn’t a bad thing. There’s a question and answer format with the riffs with a lot of songs that grab your attention. But the real quality of the album lies within its lyrics. They are easy lyrics something you can memorize within 3 listens of a song. But the simplicity and ease of the lyrics are what make some of the best lines on the album. The raw honest that doesn’t grab at details but rather an emotion makes the song feel like it can become anybodys. In “Everybody Lost Somebody”, there’s a cool little saxophone riff, but the song has such belt your heart out vibe. It’s pop-ease makes the harsh reality of the lyrics feel fun, it’s like laughing at your own sadness. In one of my favorite songs “Don’t Take the Money” Jack doesn’t mention any pronouns. He doesn’t call out a specific gendered romantic interest that he’s singing about, even though the song is very much a heartbreak new love song. This breakaway from details, which normally makes lyrics and writing so relatable and special, allows for a new freedom of interpretation.

Best tracks: Don’t Take the Money, All My Heros, Everybody Lost Somebody